Our purpose with the Men’s Ministry (Mighty Men of Valor) is to help men discover their true calling from God. We strive to train, equip and disciple men, so each can be sent out to fulfil his unique role in God’s plans. Our aim is to help men fulfil their divine destinies by growing into leaders of accomplishment in their vocations, honorable husbands, and loving and disciplined fathers who can inspire their children and influence society.
We encourage our men to become:
The Mighty Men of Valor are honorable, loving husbands of covenant & inspirational leaders of accomplishment.


This women’s ministry also known as the PRECIOUS VESSELS OF VIRTUE (PVV) gives maximum and individual attention to women from all spheres of life and aims at enhancing the image and glory of womanhood, in the esteemed roles of women of virtue, glorious wives, and mothers of faith.
The following categories in the Ministry are:

  • Mum to Mum Fellowship of married women
  • Ministry to Expectant Mothers
  • Ministry to Single Ladies
  • Ministry to Single Mothers
  • Mothers of Zion – Meeting of Ladies 50 years and above

Precious – Women are of great value to God
Vessel – Women are containers; carriers of God’s life, glory and blessings
Virtue – Women are to exhibit the virtues of God; love, kindness, faith, excellence, etc.


The Children’s Ministry has teachers who go through periodic training to ensure that they identify and minister to those precious children and help them grow in their day to day walk with God. These children are encouraged to cultivate the habit of witnessing and sharing their faith with other children to help them give their lives to Christ too. The children are grouped into age categories according to their normal school year to help provide appropriate ministry that meets their particular and individual needs.


Our Music Ministry provides different forms of music for various church meetings and ceremonies within and outside the church. It consists of the Choir and Praise and Worship Team.
This Ministry plays a leading role in shaping the worship lifestyles of countless number of people within and outside the church through live worship and other media. It is made up of talented young adults and youth with a common goal – to worship in spirit and truth.
At the Exaltation Temple, music ministers serve in the front-line of ministry. This ministry avails itself to the ministers of the word and assists them to inform, inspire and guide God’s people into His presence. It is a divine call (requiring grace, dedication and selflessness) and as such goes beyond merely having a talent to sing or play. The ministry always ensures that music in the house of the Lord is dynamic, contemporary and soul-inspiring. Come and experience this uplifting and vibrant Music ministry of ICGC, DE (Exaltation Temple)